Vessels trending on Reddit
How's this for trending?

What an exciting time to be alive.

If you’ve been active in the Rust community recently, then you’re probably asking the same question everyone else is.

What is vessels
Really, what is Vessels?

It’s 2020, and web assembly isn’t going anywhere, and with this exciting new technology, the future of software development is emerging.

The future is vessels
The world of software is changing

A new way to create software

So what exactly is Vessels then?

Vessels is an Ecosystem-oriented cross-platform application development framework based on a distributed object model and low-overhead containerization.

Still confused?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You turn on your computer.

Your computer is running VesselsOS

You open your browser.

A vessels browser developed fully in Rust
Browse the internet with VesselsExplorer

You go to a vessel-site.

Vessels DNS, design and ship applications that run natively on any device
Configuring vessels is straight forward and easy.

The protocol? Vessels.

Introducing vessels protocol
Protocols optimized for speed and safety.

The site that you download? Vessels.

Vessel websites work fully offline
Oh yes, did we mention that they’re progressive?

The rendering? Vessels.

Vessels rendering engine
Just make sure no bears are near that sweet sweet honey.

By this point, you’re probably thinking one thing:

And you’d be right.

The future is now.

People are eating it up! We can’t wait for Vessels.

Next steps??

We don’t know much yet. According to the Author, this is intentional, as Vessels is still actively under development.

What can we do?

Vessels - the future is now
The future of software engineering is VESSELS.

Check out the GitHub repo for more information, and don’t forget to Star it to stay updated on its progress.